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The Outpost by valley farm

Nestled in the heart of mount laguna

Eat, Drink,

Welcome to The Outpost, your ultimate BBQ haven just 45 minutes from San Diego – close enough for convenience, yet far enough for a sweet escape! 

Our family-owned restaurant brings you the perfect fusion of smoky BBQ, cozy cabin vibes, and a full bar to quench your thirst for adventure. 

Leave the mundane behind and let us transport you to an atmosphere where food, family, and connection reign supreme. 

So, buckle up and join us on this flavor-packed journey as we turn the dial back on the modern world and rediscover the simple joys of life at The Outpost restaurant in Mt. Laguna.

Smoky Delights,
& scenic bites

BBQ on Sat & Sun

Our on-site smoker fills the air with the mouthwatering aroma of slow-smoked BBQ, enticing locals and travelers alike to come in and savor our succulent weekend specials. From fall-off-the-bone wings to unique pizza combinations, our menu is a culinary adventure designed to delight your taste buds. 

Indulge in our famous Carne Asada fries, or feast on a fresh and flavorful salad, while the little ones explore their own taste sensations from our family-friendly options. And don’t forget to warm up with one of our comforting soups or chilis, perfect for those chilly Mount Laguna evenings.

RECreation AREA

Discover the Enchanting Mount Laguna: Nestled in the heart of the Cleveland National Forest, our serene oasis offers the perfect escape for outdoor enthusiasts seeking adventure and tranquility.

Surrounded by majestic pines, conifers, and oaks, immerse yourself in nature as you explore the extensive network of trails around Laguna Lake, perfect for hiking and mountain biking. Reconnect with the great outdoors on the picturesque Pacific Crest Trail, and indulge in unique experiences like cold plunge/sauna therapy, glampicnics, guided tours, and a dedicated kids zone. 

To top it all off, join us for LIVE music every Friday at 5 pm at our restaurant – a harmonious celebration of the Mount Laguna spirit. 🌲🚵🎶


Eat, Drink,

Located just 50 minutes east of Downtown San Diego, The Outpost by Valley Farm is your destination for a convenient mountain getaway. Whether you are looking to hike/ride for the day, or you just want to relax in our cabins by the fireplace for a weekend, The Outpost is the place for you.

Bring up the family & book a weekend in one of our rustic and cozy cabins. We feature LIVE music every Friday at 5pm.


Mt. Laguna – Cleveland National Forest is one of the most popular recreation areas in Southern California, due to its remoteness, altitude and concentration of pine, conifer and oak trees. Our network of trails around the Laguna Lake is probably the most popular attraction, offering both hiking & mountain biking opportunities. Aside from trail therapy & mountain bike tours, we offer a host of experience such as; cold plunge/sauna therapy, glampicnics, tours, kids zone & LIVE music every Friday at 5pm at our restaurant.


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